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Hands are important in EG, and not just because they are humans.
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Chaos Within Harmony
I’m pretty sure the ‘twolight’ tag doesn’t apply here seeing as this is a series of pictures from the Equestria Girls series and none of them feature Princess Twilight and Sci-Twi being in the same place.
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Twilight save Sunset, Sunset save Equestria Girls Twilight, but there is more than just that, there both a symbol of trust and friendship and a symbol of care and love for one to another.

Indeed, and in Friendship Games; Sunset is pretty much faced with what she was in the first movie but instead of her, it’s the Human Twilight that has gone mad with power after she was pressured by her classmates and ESPECIALLY Cinch to use the equestrian magic she inadvertently collected during the first rounds of the games.

You can see the progression of Sunset’s redemption as you go down the images; the top two arenwhen she was defeated in the first movie, the second two are she is trying to make friends, but the school still remembers what happened and is still a little wary of her. The third two is when she fully redeemed herself in front of the school, and had the opportunity to pass on what Equestrian Twilight taught her to the Human Twilight.

That isn’t even meant to be a shipping picture.  
It is just supposed to show that the moment when Princess Twilight took Sunset’s hand left a huge impression on Sunny.  
But still funny to see that some recognized it as a shipping compilation . xD
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Well, they’re both straight, but that doesn’t stop bronies from shipping them together, so… Yeah–I think I nailed it.