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Redraw of art I made back when the vote for Brexit first passed. I redid it because I felt with recent news it was fitting to revive it


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Background Pony #13B3
Ugh not this again…with brexit i meant the Membership Referendum which already happend and made the brexit official. We all know the uk will leave the eu so everyone is already preparing for the time after the brexit anyway…inclduing the uk itself with their trade deals like you said.
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Glitter Pone
@Background Pony #2863
What do you mean "after the Brexit"? It hasn't happened yet lol they just got the Royal Assent yesterday to go forward with it.

And yes it will bring them freedom. I don't see it as an Isolationists move because since the vote Britain has been trying to make a lot of new trade deals and strengthening their alliances outside of the EU.
Background Pony #13B3
I wonder if scotland will manage to leave with their second attempt since the Situation did Change after the brexit. Might have to change the flag a bit afterwards

Overall the Brexit was a win for both parties in my opinion. The EU got rid of their biggest "Special Treatment" reciever and the UK can celebrate their…eh…freedom? Independence? Whatever they see it as. What changes it will bring to britain? Who knows. It was a bit of an Isolationist move but eh…doesn't have to be something negative