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safe1588379 artist:silfoe1551 princess celestia90508 princess luna94412 oc612478 earth pony203635 pony855687 royal sketchbook617 colored sketch2546 crying40500 dialogue60993 faggot (bundle of sticks)6 female919011 male309591 mare420861 pink-mane celestia2388 royal sisters3944 s1 luna6933 sad22869 speech bubble20784 stallion94210 thought bubble3035 vulgar19692 younger15684


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That is something I could see her doing. But I believe I had her first married to a guy… vaguely, I never showed him or anything. It could be she was waiting until her power was a little more solidified. Then she just went "Well, Luna seems to like girls. Let me see what all the fuss is about… Huh, I kinda like this."

So yeah, I see her as usually preferring guys but has the occasional feminine flame and even a wife or three (at different times, mind you)

Who wants to speculate that Celestia, upon gaining a position of authority, entered a lesbian relationship to get the ball rolling for Luna's benefit?
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Horses in the 🅱ack
How could you possibly make this okay Celestia? It's not like you can just make your own country where everyone is-oh my lord she actually did.