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safe1974625 artist:tjpones3691 oc838218 oc only615575 oc:brownie bun1025 oc:richard407 earth pony362851 human204293 pony1327038 horse wife743 :t4219 absurd resolution71627 carrot2486 chopping18 comic124062 cooking1281 cute236819 descriptive noise1542 dialogue80504 ear fluff41805 eating11740 eyes closed121056 food87931 grayscale44072 herbivore2108 horse noises610 knife6363 monochrome163850 mouth hold21262 ocbetes7767 open mouth198351 puffy cheeks4715 simple background503261 smiling332177 this will end in fire212 tomato445 wat20845 white background130770


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Rice pone
@Background Pony #941B  
Suspension of Disbelief for plot or mechanics of a fictional world has to do with the details being paid attention to and justified to be made believable (or) exaggerated humorously (or) with a lampshade by the creators. It becomes more believable under circumstances in which they are explained.
I’m under the impression magic in Equestria is related to a manipulation of dark matter/dark energy manipulation of mass (Pegasi wings) and energy conversion (horn).
This would explain how Fluttershy can be caught falling by a group of butterflies, Pegasi can walk on and move clouds, Unicorns can create levitation/telekinesis, energy blasts, and Earth ponies have it in strength and unnatural dexterity, up to and including breaking of the space-time continuum (i.e. Pinkie Pie).
Background Pony #CA7E
I’ve always assumed that they normally do stuff like that by using the Magic of Suspension of Disbelief. As long as they can justifiably claim to have the knowledge or innate talent to accomplish something, the ability to do that thing is necessary for pony society to exist, and no one is paying any particular attention to the details, they can carry out tasks that should be physically impossible.
Like all other forms of magic it’s significantly weaker on Earth, and many ponies have never really adjusted to that.
Background Pony #F6D7
It slices! It dices! It makes mounds of delicious julienne fries! How much would you pay? But wait! There’s more! Order now and get this non-stick frying pan, absolutely free!
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Badge Dragon
Assuming they all have to use knives like this, I can’t imagine any other earth pony can get good precision with this thing.
I dunno, maybe Brownie just has a weak jaw. :V