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safe1589708 screencap204273 applejack160191 berry punch6140 berryshine6130 bittersweet (character)81 fluffy clouds63 goldengrape600 leadwing88 linky1362 meadow song485 pinkie pie204822 princess celestia90586 princess luna94472 shoeshine1480 sir colton vines iii600 starlight glimmer44359 sunburst5923 thorax4017 trixie62776 twilight sparkle284909 alicorn198251 changedling7362 changeling40888 earth pony204272 pony856781 unicorn271639 celestial advice1081 background changeling115 background pony9331 balloon9691 crowd894 equestrian pink heart of courage151 king thorax2617 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116296 twilight's castle3332


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18 comments posted
Artist -

Well, judging by what happens in the second episode of the premiere, Starlight's graduation might have been ill-advised since she still has a few problems to work out. I'm pretty sure the Mane Six and Royal Family can still learn a few things from her if she has to return to her studies under Twilight again.
Artist -

First looking at this teaser, I'm surprised to see Celestia and Luna there as well, but seeing as they and the rest of the Royal Family and Mane Six owe Starlight their lives for saving them from Chrysalis while reforming the Changelings as well and putting Thorax in charge, only fitting they see Starlight graduate and move on with her life while they return to their own and prepare for Chrysalis when she returns for her revenge.

Are you referring to Chrysalis?