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Featuring my two pony OCs, Paladin Colt and Blitz Krieg (whom I should draw more often)

This is in commemoration of the new DLC for Battlefield 1, They Shall Not Pass (Ils Ne Passeront Pas) which will bring the French army into the game. Arguably, the French were one of the more important factions who fought in World War 1 and people complained about them not being in the base game. I'd say its justified cause the Americans and Italians in the base game only get 2 maps each while the French get 4, which would make them stand out more than the others, save the Brits and Germans. People always joke about the French being surrender monkeys because of WW2, but in WW1, that was a different story.

They Shall Not Pass DLC is now available for All Premium Players of BF1 and will be available for Purchase for Everyone on March 28 (2 weeks after Prem). Paid DLCs are a pain in the ass sometimes, but I can honestly say this is worth the purchase.

Pour La France!!!

The Guns used in this image are vectored by myself from pictures of the real gun I've found on the Internet

The Gun Paladin Colt is holding is an RSC 1917
The Gun Blitz Krieg is holding is a Mondragon



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A black eagle glided above the coast
He swore to be victorious
From all sides, the crows sneak in
In the furrows and the country lanes
But suddenly, the gallic rooster sings
"cocorico, rise little soldier"
"The sun is shining, everywhere cannons thunders"
"Young hero, here comes the great fight"

And Verdun the victorious
Let out a shout, wich carries out there
The echoes of the sides of the Meuse
"Halt ! You shall not pass !"
No more disdain, no more arrogance
Run away barbarians and lackays
Here is France's door
And you will never pass

The enemies advance in rage
Gigantic waves of a living ocean
Spreading death in their path
Blinded in noise, massacre and blood
They are about to pass when, raising his head
An officer, in a last effort
Although dying, shoots "to the bayonets !"
"Hardi guys, may the greats rise and stand up !"


But our children, in a sublime momentum
Rised and soon the black eagle
With rage in his heart, impotent in his crime
Saw his last hope vanish
The vile crows, in front of the french soul
Fall bloodied, it's the last stand
While we sing "La Marseillaise"
Assassins flee in front of the soldiers


You shall never pass

This game is shit.
This dlc is a fallacy, should've been in the base game.
Russians and French paid the hardest price.
Rewriting history is criminal.
Did I mention the game is shit?
Boycott the shit