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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full You picked on the RIGHT treasure price to haggle with, ‘cause I’M A CRAZY B%&CH!!!
full And YES, Joshscorcher!! fullThere IS a confectionery WMD^ called a party nuke!!”:youtu.be/LoFr6d-EdZQ?t=607 full
^ W eapon of M essy D estruction
Knife wielding thief: Swindle by ReversedCarrot
Gun wielding thief: Tricky by FerntheDiamondDog
Pinkie Pie Design: >>210831
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safe2089758 artist:meiyeezhu341 pinkie pie247420 oc902310 oc:swindle1 human229761 angry35000 anime7213 at gunpoint134 atomic bomb202 belly button103486 belt8639 bomb791 boots31418 clothes600006 comic130797 crime126 criminal114 ear piercing40178 earring30264 explosives396 funny5188 furious441 gift wrapped971 gun19866 hammer2171 handgun3838 hilarious135 humanized115314 imminent death3051 implied suicide235 ionizing radiation warning symbol50 jewelry103824 knife6802 midriff23103 nervous8077 nuclear weapon299 old master q504 outdoors19033 parody17109 piercing59374 pistol2763 radioactive249 reference5115 sandals5463 scared13533 shocking27 sports bra4546 suicide bomber23 surprised12137 sweat37324 sweater18515 thief408 this will end in death3362 threat498 threatening501 traditional art138149 unexpected185 weapon39355 wrapping paper90 yelling4107