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safe1754977 artist:tjpones3216 derpy hooves50823 starlight glimmer49884 twilight sparkle306650 alicorn233574 pony1014781 unicorn344059 blushing205243 book34635 cuddling8598 dialogue68218 duo65072 duo female12032 female1405579 friendshipping578 glasses64948 grayscale39353 imminent snuggles54 mare504027 misspelling2506 monochrome152476 nervous5897 platonic63 platonic cuddling10 reading6440 simple background410522 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126379 white background102873


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Little does Twilight know that the cover is merely a sticker over the true title: Creating Villains Through Impolite (But Surprisingly Pleasant) Personal Space Invasion!