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I will be uploading the colored version soon.
It will have some really nice spank marks :3, I liked it, and i think i might try to do it again soon, spanking that is.
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source needed14776 explicit350058 artist:dragk1080 princess luna99074 human154555 pony966186 anal27413 anus96705 balls76042 both cutie marks10393 collar33087 crying43533 female1361737 gritted teeth12219 human male6673 human male on mare3652 human on pony action10523 interspecies22906 male372185 mare479859 monochrome149592 moonbutt3398 nudity369606 painal409 patreon12642 patreon logo8658 penetration58206 penis153268 ponut43640 sex120994 sketch62782 straight136261 that is one stretchy ponut203 vulva127551


not provided yet


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Well, lube is only one part of the equation. There's also the principal of starting small, and getting a LOT of practice with in the small area, gradually moving up to bigger and bigger insertions until eventually you can accommodate a big boy wiener after several days, weeks, or months.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. My name is literally Insertive.
Duck - Certified authentic waterfowl

I dunno about the whole lube thing
Me a d my GF tried it a d we used a tonne of lube and she said the pain was like having her spinal colom ripped from her ass and it's not like she was tense or anything as she was relaxed which is important if your going to do anal.

Also it is pretty dangerous as it can rupture your gut wall a d cause internal bleeding.