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safe1948710 artist:road7512 artist:xaski2117 princess luna108404 rarity201439 spike86552 twilight sparkle330295 alicorn270228 dragon70615 pony1298806 baby12571 baby dragon2083 blanket6514 collaboration6246 cuddling9540 cute232442 eyes closed118293 female1581916 floppy ears63585 fluffy16619 glowing horn24810 lesbian107726 lunabetes3932 magic85292 male451506 mare605586 mother and son3526 neck nuzzle233 nuzzling4532 on side8047 open mouth193690 plushie27581 prone30452 shipping227420 simple background491629 sleeping26395 smiling324310 snoring1001 snuggling6947 spikabetes2401 spikelove1231 spread wings73388 twiabetes13679 twiluna1619 white background127124 wing fluff1924


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