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safe1919062 artist:road7512 artist:xaski2117 princess luna107268 rarity199256 spike85822 twilight sparkle326883 alicorn264398 dragon68422 pony1266676 baby11976 baby dragon1652 blanket6358 collaboration6069 cuddling9416 cute228358 eyes closed115161 female1554496 floppy ears62308 fluffy16233 glowing horn24231 lesbian106526 lunabetes3889 magic83722 male441679 mare588090 mother and son3477 neck nuzzle230 nuzzling4465 on side7857 open mouth187508 plushie27203 prone29890 shipping224708 simple background480653 sleeping26043 smiling315374 snoring972 snuggling6895 spikabetes2380 spikelove1228 spread wings70815 twiabetes13479 twiluna1608 white background123611 wing fluff1880


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