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Friendship is Innuendo 08-09: Dragon Coveted

Tensions are rising… and maybe something else is too… I can't be certain.

Stay tuned for Chapter 9 of Friendship is Innuendo! Coming in the near future!
suggestive143110 artist:loreto-arts553 spike78803 starlight glimmer48670 trixie67505 twilight sparkle300408 alicorn224556 dragon56338 pony968229 comic:friendship is innuendo347 book33497 comic109138 dialogue65557 female1363720 fire magic64 grayscale38101 implied sex5969 love triangle400 magic73296 male372918 monochrome149699 shipping200316 sparlight604 spixie248 straight136437 swirly eyes2477 the amazing trio of friendship30 twilight is not amused1479 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123684 unamused16239


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IT's probable that Ember barely even knows about this whole magic thing if its really that. I'm still counting on this entire plot being a giant rick roll from discord.