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The virgin killer sweater.
What can i say? I joined the bandwagon.
But, by all that's holy and Celestia, it is HOT!
Sexy, and functional? Sign me in!

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explicit350062 artist:dragk1080 princess celestia94954 anthro259925 anus96706 ass49070 backless663 big breasts81952 blushing197355 breasts277385 busty princess celestia10222 clothes459093 cutie mark47673 erect nipples10705 female1361750 horse pussy on anthro30 huge breasts38254 looking back57354 nipple outline7507 nudity369608 open-back sweater506 patreon12642 patreon logo8658 ponut43640 praise the sun2044 sleeveless sweater557 solo1063117 solo female179596 stupid sexy celestia1564 sunbutt4043 sweater14501 virgin killer sweater501 vulva127552 wardrobe misuse122


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Ecru Tether

I guess my only problem would be the animal sexual bits on an anthro always looking a little out of place to me. But the rest of it is brilliant~

It's meant to be based around the virgin-killer sweater…

… and yet, all I can think with this, is "Either she's shrunk in height and now it's below her ass, or she must've lost a lot of weight to get it to be THAT loose on her."

… Either that, or Rarity's gonna destroy her for pulling the fabric down THAT much. Heh…
Background Pony #372D
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