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“video version (higher quality):

If you like my artwork please consider supporting me at patreon!”
safe1900367 artist:lumineko2859 princess cadance35741 princess celestia102384 princess luna106542 twilight sparkle324683 alicorn260872 pony1247926 :o4719 :t4129 alicorn tetrarchy1135 animated108843 blushing227706 c:1282 cheek to cheek230 crown22835 cute225643 cutedance1401 cutelestia3889 daaaaaaaaaaaw5477 eyes closed113243 female1537238 floppy ears61226 flower30776 frown27012 gif37838 hape403 hnnng2574 hug32220 jewelry84113 lidded eyes36355 lumineko is trying to murder us62 lumineko's nuzzling princesses11 luna is not amused574 lunabetes3860 mare578481 non-consensual nuzzling20 nuzzling4438 one eye closed37844 open mouth183765 patreon13768 patreon logo9044 regalia27060 rubbing1277 smiling309536 snuggling6876 spread wings69075 surprised10681 sweet dreams fuel1818 twiabetes13334 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134725 varying degrees of want883 weapons-grade cute4124 wide eyes18348 wink28571


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Lincoln Brewster time
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They aren’t stalking you. They’re spamming hundreds of images, randomly, across the site. Sometimes it depends on which ones most recently got comments on them. Next time you see them, please report them so we can ban them again and clean up their mess.
Okie dokie thanks 👍
True classics never die, and so here we are. Nice.
Yes to this. 👏
Background Pony #F53C
Deletion reason: Rule #6: irrelevant to the image, also probably just gibberish in general.