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"always wanted to make a pone rig with fake 3d head rotation in anime studio

now I don´t know what to do with it < — <"
safe1725639 artist:ikarooz116 pinkie pie218073 earth pony256070 pony985920 adoracreepy642 animated99563 blinking3796 bust51105 creepy4373 creepy smile587 cute202679 cuteamena789 eyes closed95496 female1380122 gif31553 head tilt1061 looking at you171897 looking back58610 mare490250 pinkamena diane pie19226 shrunken pupils3208 simple background400566 smiling253990 smooth39 solo1077178 white background100119 wide eyes17203


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This reminds me of the bunny from Monty Python and The Holy Grail sure It looks cute but… How close can you really get? Before it rips your guts out, via your throat.