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Friendship is Innuendo 08-07: Comfort Zone

Twilight is best fluffy pony.
suggestive143253 artist:loreto-arts553 spike78865 starlight glimmer48723 trixie67566 twilight sparkle300653 alicorn224932 dragon56448 pony970044 comic:friendship is innuendo347 book33523 chest fluff39230 comic109207 female1365424 fire magic64 grayscale38152 hug28327 jealous1233 love triangle400 magic73384 male373567 monochrome149880 shipping200549 sparlight605 spixie249 straight136592 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123809 twispike1661 wingding eyes22338


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Spike is screwing Princess Twilight Sparkle, and that's why he cannot speak to you!
He's screwing Princess Twilight Sparkle, and may not be disturbed till he's through~ <3