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My Sweet Valentine
suggestive143280 artist:indigosfmworks653 sweetie belle49089 anthro260748 3d76476 absolute cleavage3491 alternate cutie mark1581 big breasts82272 bikini18174 breasts278312 busty sweetie belle2107 cleavage34646 clothes460627 eyeshadow15663 female1365739 lidded eyes30804 looking at you169127 looking up16528 makeup21544 older26811 one eye closed30860 smiling249312 solo1066156 solo female180060 source filmmaker46420 swimsuit28334 wink24809 wrong cutie mark713


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Artist -

Creature of the night.
Pity Indigosfmworks doesn't do more magic like this. As the recent stuff….just doesn't even feel like indigosfmworks anymore.

The Glimglam Fan, Fam.
I never really liked SFM based art. Especially once it gets to anthro. Just goes into the uncanny valley for me.

Aside from obvious bias, it looks pretty okay. Good work on getting featured.

And to clarify, I know I can filter out "SFM". I just enjoy using the default filter to casually browse for art and it honestly doesn't even bother me enough that it's a problem.