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Here are all the individual pieces that make up this work. A list of close-ups is at the bottom.



Close-ups: (top to bottom)
>>1359174 Gabby
>>1359993 Gilda
>>1372030 Spitfire, Soarin', Fleetfoot
>>1366430 Cadance
>>1358549 Derpy Hooves, Blossomforth, Cloud Kicker
>>1357763 Cloudchaser, Flitter
>>1357498 Roseluck
>>1376786 Luna
>>1375924 Celestia
>>1369771 Vinyl Scratch
>>1367608 Octavia
>>1361044 Lyra, Bon Bon
>>1362414 Caramel, Toffee
>>1363464 Dr. Whooves
>>1364358 Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Minuette, Twinkleshine
>>1373179 Starlight Glimmer, Trixie
>>1355367 Zecora
>>1356363 Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom
>>1359492 Big Mac
>>1362075 Chrysalis
safe1576201 artist:viwrastupr542 angel bunny9383 apple bloom46558 applejack158900 big macintosh26879 blaze272 blossomforth1350 bon bon15643 caramel2356 cloud kicker1743 cloudchaser3700 daisy2218 derpy hooves48251 discord28703 dj pon-328118 doctor whooves10088 fancypants1775 fleetfoot1911 fleur-de-lis3335 flitter2913 flower wishes2084 fluttershy197852 gabby2157 gilda9109 greta401 gummy4845 lemon hearts1900 lily1781 lily valley1781 lyra heartstrings27987 minuette5361 moondancer4428 octavia melody22509 opalescence1984 owlowiscious1915 philomena1027 pinkie pie203318 princess cadance30468 princess celestia90050 princess flurry heart6262 princess luna94011 queen chrysalis32323 rainbow dash219456 rarity169778 raven615 roseluck4663 scootaloo49188 shining armor21779 soarin'13329 spike74868 spitfire12791 starlight glimmer43896 sunburst5825 surprise2905 sweetie belle46668 sweetie drops15643 tank2594 tantabus437 time turner10073 toffee84 tree of harmony646 trixie62177 twilight sparkle282833 twinkleshine1963 vinyl scratch32214 winona2442 zecora8792 oc605368 oc:fausticorn1492 alicorn195446 changeling40139 dragon48210 griffon24888 pegasus239828 phoenix1095 pony846263 timber wolf1257 zebra15736 absurd resolution63967 alicorn amulet1773 alicorn hexarchy12 apple14652 astronomical detail3 backwards cutie mark3074 bag3443 balancing934 balcony1282 beautiful4677 book30665 bookshelf3072 bow24246 bow (instrument)609 bridge1045 canterlot5032 canterlot castle1761 canterlot five19 canyon124 cape9027 castle1668 castle griffonstone17 castle of the royal pony sisters683 cello2285 cello bow294 cloak3816 clothes409322 cloud27157 cloudsdale1196 clubhouse700 color porn1057 colored pupils8794 crib462 crown13988 crusaders clubhouse664 crystal ball481 crystal empire2033 cup5525 curved horn5855 cute177528 cutie map653 cutie mark crusaders17894 daily deviation44 drink4347 element of magic1892 epic1342 everfree forest1944 eyes closed80253 fascinating21 father and daughter2251 featured image787 female899854 flower22160 flower trio521 flying34345 food60873 friends550 fruit916 glass4037 glasses54964 glowing horn16672 goggles13259 grass8170 griffonstone241 group2866 hair bow13282 hat76669 jewelry50980 lake1401 large wings1448 lidded eyes25695 light1231 looking at each other16447 magic65899 magnum opus3 majestic656 male305741 mane seven5901 mane six29458 mountain4443 mountain range520 mouth hold15493 multicolored hair4167 multicolored tail906 musical instrument6943 necktie6224 night22735 night sky1496 open mouth123214 park893 path307 pillow15456 playing1353 poison joke773 pond776 ponyville5033 potion1801 pulling599 raised hoof39304 reading5870 regalia16318 river1774 rose3487 salad343 scarf21123 scenery7199 scenery porn733 school1602 self ponidox7195 sitting55026 sky11812 sleeping21736 smiling215130 solar system57 spread wings47848 stage2701 starry night630 stars13432 statue2105 surprised8063 swarm137 table8198 technical advanced103 telekinesis24723 the hall of friendship30 tiara3096 too big for derpibooru44 tree27523 trixie's cape3361 trixie's hat4128 trixie's wagon1008 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115260 twilight's castle3303 underhoof46880 uniform9268 wall of tags2315 water11361 waterfall1516 wings76161 wonderbolts3391 wonderbolts uniform5377 zecora's hut577


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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
So much love had to have gone into this image. This really does deserve the "Beautiful" tag.

Kudos, viwrastupr, this is probably my favorite image on the entire site. I want this framed on my wall.
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Sciencepone of Science!
I met the artist at CMPC and bought a queen sized blanket with this printed on it.

I'm going to start staying in a different apartment for college, and I'll get a queen sized bed — I'm excited to spread this on it :D

While the stigma of fan art may keep this from being appraised for millions and sold to a museum at an auction any time soon, I'm glad we live in the 21st century where this gets exposure, as opposed to sitting in some basement somewhere unappreciated.

Didn't that happen to Van Gough's art for a long time?