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Friendship is Innuendo 08-06: Love At First Burn

Slowly but surely this plot is advancing…

suggestive143158 artist:loreto-arts553 spike78827 starlight glimmer48689 trixie67535 twilight sparkle300474 alicorn224674 dragon56373 pony968698 comic:friendship is innuendo347 :34550 comic109159 female1364172 glomp430 grayscale38120 hape375 hug28303 jealous1233 love triangle400 magic73329 male373115 monochrome149740 only the dead can know peace from this evil92 shipping200387 sparlight604 spixie248 straight136473 the amazing trio of friendship30 took you long enough1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123727 wingding eyes22289 yandere909


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I think this is all a prank by discord no matter how big a D Spike has there's no way this many pones want the D..

Has discord been watching herem anime recently?
Background Pony #B14F
It was at this moment that Starlight decided to take stock of her life and figure out what's really important to her. For instance, weighing the balance between the life of her best friend and the lewd fantasies concerning her dragon roomate that plague the deepest recesses of her mind.