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Because… everyone wants a portal leading to equestria from our world, so I thought I'd make one or something. hope you like!!! it was real fun to make.Time taken? dunno but not to long i dont usually spent much time on 1 painting anymore.Kinda busy with work so cant really draw fanarts and stuff as much as I used to.hope you like
safe1675505 artist:zilvart72 princess cadance32248 princess celestia93765 princess luna97900 twilight sparkle296579 alicorn218530 bird7969 pony938309 absurd file size809 absurd resolution65438 canterlot5570 detailed758 epic1359 fantasy440 no pony9713 portal1847 portal to equestria53 scenery7861 scenery porn820 statue2276 too big for derpibooru40 tree31342 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122084 wallpaper18432 water12739


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I remember there is a story that was written because of this image. It was about wading through the water and standing before each statue to receive judgement before passing through the portal. I've tried image-searching for it but cannot find it, does anyone have a link to it?
Background Pony #50A8
If I ever found this place/portal, then my life is a few steps away from completion.
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This looks like a scene from a hypothetical movie set centuries in the mlp universe
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I know that the foliage is mostly plant/leaf brushes in photoshop or whatever, but the rest is pretty good. Nice concept.
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We need to put C4 on supporting structures of gateway — we have to be sure, that our fandom won't reach Equestria. :3