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Unfortunately for the little filly, Twilight’s fetish is forced feminization. 
I bet this is not what you followed me for.
suggestive148593 artist:duop-qoub518 oc713628 oc only466333 oc:filly anon2737 earth pony267538 pony1014107 semi-anthro13604 absurd resolution67056 belly button81568 bipedal36285 black underwear3900 blushing205186 chest fluff41404 clothes477182 crying44926 female1405232 feminization126 filly69860 foalcon18476 forced1227 garter belt3811 lidded eyes31895 panties51552 simple background410418 solo1096911 stockings34307 thigh highs38289 underwear62591 white background102836


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Badge Dragon
Unfortunately for the little filly, Twilight’s fetish is forced feminization.
I bet this is not what you followed me for.
I watch this tag for Glim Glam, and Glim Glam alone! D:<  
I kid, is cute