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((UPDATE)) Finally got other projects out of the way to work a little bit more with this AU. I redesigned all of them, some changes were big, some where small. I liked how it turned out and I'm keeping it this way.Also, if you're wondering where Twilight is, don't worry. I'm saving her for a special occasion. Let's go into more details with the characters. I'm keeping this part of the old description because it's necessary for newcomers.Let's get started:1. Rarity's counterpart that's taking Luna/Nightmare Moon's place. She's just as fabulous and sassy as normal Rarity, at least in her evil form.The reason why I chose Rarity as Nightmare Moon's counterpart is because NM's desire to take over the kingdom and sky all for herself oposes Rarity's generous nature.((UPDATE)) Princess Celestia's sister in this universe is Princess Radiance. Her "evil" form is simply known as Perfect Illusion. That's because Illusion = Dream/Nightmare. So basically, Perfect Illusion = Perfect Nightmare.2. Twilight's counterpart that's taking Starlight's place. She's just like Twilight, but evil. Nothing to be said here.The reason why I chose Twilight as Starlight's counterpart is pretty obvious. Magical abilities and all. But it's also because they both brought their own groups together: Twilight going to Ponyville made her and some of the girls in there friends, and Starlight making a bunch of alternate timelines brought all of the big villians (and Flim and Flam for some reason) together, at least in the same episode.3. Rainbow's counterpart that's taking Tirek's place. Same thing as Tirek so far, I'm still working on that part.The reason why I chose Rainbow as Tirek's counterpart is because of his personality and deeds in his life. Taking in count on how he was portraited in his FIENDship Is Magic issue and the episode, I must say that he's quite the traitor. Betrayed his family, his kingdom, his master, his "partner". That goes on against loyalty pretty well as far as I'm concerned. They were also both responsible for life changing events, such as the sonic rainboom and the destruction of the library.((UPDATE)) Everyone, meet the magic stealer centaur from this universe, Lord Tiash. What I got from Tirek's name is that it's a corruption of the word Wreck (something he does a lot) + T (at the start of the name, since the comics pretty much confirms that all centaur's names start with T).I have to admit that finding a name for her was anything but simple, but it was rewarding. Basically, Dash is a synonym for Wreck, which is part of Tirek's name. So I did this: Dash — Da + Ti = Tiash.4. Fluttershy's counterpart that's taking Sombra's place. A tyranical ruler made of literal shadows. I really don't know what else to say here.The reason why I chose Fluttershy of all ponies as Sombra's counterpart is actually pretty obvious. He's cruel and doesn't care about anypony else, he doesn't care if he's hurting anypony, he's the one taking in the lead. Now look at Fluttershy and you can see the enourmus difference. Brutality and cruelty is pretty different from kindness, don't ya think?((UPDATE)) The mistress of shadows, the ultimate umbrum herself, Queen Nebulosa.I also went searching far and wide for synonyms for Shadow. So, Nebulosa = Nebulous = cloudy and dark.5. Pinkie's counterpart that's taking Discord's place. Do I even need to say it? Pinkie just screams Discord and vice versa.But, in all seriousness, the reason why I chose Pinkie as Discord's counterpart is far more than that. First, I'll need to clarify that it's not because he's an oposite to laughter himself. After all, a direct oposite to laughter is anger, sadness, and even emotionless, and we all know that Discord's not any of that. He's a distortion of laughter: making other ponies as unhappy and miserable as possible is what makes him happy. That's pretty different from the laughter of the elements and Pinkie herself.((UPDATE)) Let's thank the Internet once again for helping me find a plenty of synonyms to use as names that sound fine and make sense. Ataxia = Chaos, Pandemonium, Disorder and the list goes on. There were many others to choose from, but Ataxia rolls of the tongue better.6. And last, but not least, Applejack's counterpart that's taking Chrysalis' place. A master manipulator and the mother to thousands of changelings.The reason why I chose AJ as Cheese Legs' counterpart is because of her deception. Let's compare: AJ's a honest pony that cares deeply about her family and will do anything for it, not to mention that it's her job in the farm to provide food for an entire town, as small as it may be. Chrysalis' a queen of a entire species, as few of them might there be, and she acts only in the interest of her subjects, being responsible for bringing food for them, needing to lie and manipulate others to get it (plus there's the fact that AJ doesn't like changing her appearence and who she is and that's basically all that changelings can do).((UPDATE)) Lo and behold, the Queen of the Changelings, in this universe at least, Queen Arthropoda. An arthropod is basically a type of bug. Couldn't really find anything else, but the name works greatly!
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