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>>1362969 minus the Valentine's stuff :D
safe1707144 artist:badumsquish1967 derpibooru exclusive28409 oc685070 oc only449019 oc:ginger-bread10 original species25159 toaster pony22 badumsquish strikes again118 coils1138 draw me like one of your french girls1315 female1363742 freckles28900 ginger85 hair bun3349 looking at you168758 looking back57476 on side6705 red hair910 simple background393681 slots20 smiling248668 solo1064719 toaster319 transparent background202462


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ᗡ: 📶 📡
You just gotta unplug her before any of that first. She runs off 120v ac :P Best she can manage is body temperature without a power source.
Apricot Strudel

Ride the Walrus
Heat rises and hugging an electrical appliance that cooks food isn't a good idea anyways. Also, is my bread toasted? Did you take it or is it burned and left in toaster pony? If it isn't burned I'll take that toast and eat it cold now, it's been in her for over two hours.
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@Apricot Strudel
…. I don't think my neck is that long~ o_@
Unless I'm holding her up to my neck for cuddles~
Maybe if I'm scooched down to give a peck on the shoulder though. Let's go with that.