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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

You know what this rag tag team of Major Miners need??

A holographic simulation deck to put them in fr3&kin' real-life-or-death scenarios like this one!!


Marble and Limestone Pie: >>1072014 and >>1072013

Thief: MLP OC : Sparking Gem by KawaiiCaniball

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safe1726321 artist:meiyeezhu338 limestone pie4988 marble pie6587 oc697243 oc:sparking gem1 human156646 air kick4 anime5594 arena98 armed6 baseball bat1107 begging979 breasts283175 brick wall468 busty marble pie732 chopping15 cinder block18 clothes466917 club359 comic110198 contradiction25 coward23 crime90 criminal82 crying44120 disarmed5 fanart1654 fangs26024 female1380685 fight6224 fingerless gloves4745 gloves20480 high kick40 horns6122 humanized100875 jumping3418 karate218 kick749 kicking2093 kneeling8907 knife5407 knockout81 leg warmers2503 major miners20 marble34 martial arts415 mugging22 nail105 old master q499 open-chest sweater575 out of character946 praying129 reference3877 ripped pants508 rock4559 sad24787 scared10584 skirt40360 slam83 stockings33441 super strength176 sweater14697 thief357 thigh highs37204 torn clothes4963 traditional art118875 training361 unexpected137


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