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explicit (305148) artist:whateverbender (246) shining armor (21159) twilight sparkle (274382) oc (573582) oc:bender watt (100) oc:mody east (12) alicorn (183900) pony (797758) unicorn (243195) :o (3307) :t (3645) accidental incest (97) animated (89266) book (29254) bukkake (2711) cervical contact (708) cervix (1329) creampie (25259) cum (69642) cum everywhere (683) cum in mouth (8958) cumming (17752) cute (167320) cute porn (6470) dark genitals (8860) dilated pupils (578) eyes closed (75641) female (847352) fetish (32992) filthy dirty married sex (443) floppy ears (44762) frown (20899) funny porn (989) gif (26690) good clean married sex (1046) horsecock (56713) implied princess cadance (205) implied shining armor (262) implied shiningcadance (18) incest (11859) male (288548) matryoshka fucking (32) micro (8144) moaning (3987) nudity (319661) on back (21473) open mouth (116037) penis (131819) post vore sex (185) reading (5613) sex (102362) shiningsparkle (1344) shipping (176966) squigglevision (220) straight (117336) the inside view on sex (8) twicest (972) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111064) unbirthing (895) upside down (4806) vein (2517) veiny cock (1306) vore (13234) wide eyes (15733) x-ray (6193)


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Background Pony #4129
Sisters are the best form of birth control.*

* Provided that they aren't the one you're fucking.
Background Pony #6358
Anyone got links for more of this specific stuff. This is like my ultimate fetish but this is the only real art of it I can find. Would really like some more. Most vore or unbirthing is just disgusting in my opinion, but this is so hot.
The Common Tater

Had a short burst of inspiration here from this. Spoiler'd for the weak of stomach. NSFW.

"Is she in there?" Shining asked with a grunt, relishing his wife's warm tightness as he sank inside. The grin on Cady's beautiful muzzle as she craned her head around to look at him was wicked.

"Yup." She giggled. "You just bitch-slapped her with your cock."

"Should we let her out?" Shining asked. Cadence shook her head, the grin now resembling something with a fin on top.

"Not yet," she said. "She's all the way at the back, so give it to me deep and hard. I want her to feel this."

"Gotcha'," Shining said as he pulled most of the way out and braced for a fresh thrust, pausing only for one last question.

"Cum inside?"

"Ha!" Cadence laughed. "You naughty stallion. Wanting to drown your own sister in jizz. Yeah, let me have it all. Did you hear that, Ladybug?" she called, her voice raising just a little bit. "I hope you're thirsty."

With that, Shining Armor bucked his hips forward and thrust deep into his wife.