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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full If authority really DOES have eyes on the back of their heads, they wouldn’t be needing rear view mirrors in the first place!!
Cheerilee Design: >>800487
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safe2174887 artist:meiyeezhu341 apple bloom60047 cheerilee11244 scootaloo58777 snips4613 sweetie belle56758 twist3170 human245560 g42029394 ball5562 bonk237 book43572 brush2673 chalk691 chalkboard3648 classroom2192 cutie mark crusaders22385 desk4619 disappointed724 ear piercing43828 earring32747 harness3131 horn190762 horned humanization8073 humanized119649 indoors8196 jewelry113131 mirror7399 old master q506 piercing64068 rear view mirror14 school2383 stare1856 talking10802 teacher1234 teaching223 textbook60 throwing727 upset1657 writing1532