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It is a wooden carving I made with a cutting wood machine.

It was made of a design made by Adlynh with her permission:

The carving is here made with a lot of point,the drawing appear with them, it's make like a bare thread on the wood, it's very delicate. I have do another one with another method more in depth and less fragile:
safe1586549 artist:dranaar4 artist:yulyeen242 princess celestia90416 alicorn197531 pony853863 absurd resolution64095 beautiful4772 carving175 crown14259 cutie mark41416 dappled sunlight291 eyes closed81093 female909362 forest8894 jewelry51886 mare420079 multicolored mane1186 plot71573 regalia16623 smiling217856 solo980289 spread wings48292 swanlestia136 swimming1700 water11498


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