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dead source31774 safe1917530 artist:magnaluna1195 princess luna107236 twilight sparkle326754 alicorn264106 pony1265148 alternate design3866 alternate hairstyle32418 alternate universe11269 cheek fluff7538 chest fluff50514 cloak5291 clothes539791 colored pupils11617 colored wings9092 curved horn8470 cute228162 ear fluff39539 eye contact7202 folded wings11355 implied lesbian4039 implied shipping5959 implied twiluna101 looking at each other26147 lunabetes3886 raised hoof57237 smiling314950 twiabetes13474 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135686


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Background Pony #03C7
Actually, I was talking about myself making a joke regarding incorrect tags. Because jokes!
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is he alive?
@Background Pony #C013  
The mistake was most likely in typing “curv” and hitting the down key once rather than twice. It happens. If you see something inappropriately tagged, no need to worry about whether it’s a joke; feel free to fix it.
Background Pony #03C7
I know, I just always have to leave a comment remarking about tag mistakes. Sometimes there’s a joke. Sometimes I don’t do the change myself. Either way, why is a raven like a writing desk?
Background Pony #03C7
>"curvy" tag
The only curve I see here is Luna’s horn, and for that we have the "curved horn" tag.  
The "curvy" tag is for something completely different, I’m afraid…
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@Konata Izumi Pony  
nah, it is just a modified S1 Luna, redone in a new style by the artist, added more and more stuff over the time. e.g. fancier hair, multi-color wings and ears, runes, armor, curved horn, paws … there is some kind of story behind it, there are some comic style panels (I guess for tumblr), but nothing consistent yet.
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>alternate hairstyle  
I seen so many alternate hairstyle pictures but never a LITERALLY alternate hairstyle.