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I drawd a thing for a guy in a Discord Chat because I felt like it.

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safe1726105 artist:krynnymuffin20 oc697128 oc only455770 oc:littlepip4123 oc:red eye152 cyborg3880 earth pony256227 pony986390 unicorn331920 fallout equestria17261 clothes466835 crossover62912 fanfic10492 fanfic art14614 female1380499 food71436 horn70581 male379751 mare490477 peanut butter398 pipbuck3531 stallion111837 trap (device)300 vault suit3563


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oh a jar of peanut butter, oh a jar of peanut butter, oh a jar of peanut butter, oh a jar of… know what im going to stop before this jest becomes spam. So bla bla bla James wood family guy reference.