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"Uhh, hey green pegasus guy… If we make it out of this, can we maybe sit in the dark and listen to music or something?"
File's morale was raised a bit.

File looks over at Spearmint, "Uh y-yeah! I'd totally be down for that."

>Spearmint tries to use Condense But the spell forms somewhere safely away from the CytoWisp.
>File tries to hit the CytoWisp with his gun but the wisp dodges.
Nadine slashes at the CytoWisp and deals 25 damage.

The Cyto Wisp tries to crush File but File is a little too quick for that.

File HP:50
Morale: 93
>Pistol (17 rounds)
>Sky strike

Spear HP:55/ MP:57
Morale: 100
>Gun (42 rounds)
>Combust -10MP
>Condense -15MP

Nadine HP:40
Morale: 100

Potion 2X Heals 20HP
Smoke bomb 3x Decreases enemy chance to hit for 1 turn.

Morale: 85

Choose actions/dialog.

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