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File attempts to Shoot in the air again and misses
"Are you fucking kidding me!?"

>Spearmint attemps to swing her rifle and hit the CytoWisp and misses.
>Nadine slashes and deals 25 damage.

The Cytowisp look at File, "do you think you are any use to these ponies, you can't even accidentally shoot me?"
"Oh fuck you!"

The CytoWisp releases a miasma into the air dealing 15 damage to Spear and Nadine and missing File.

File HP:50
Morale: 88
>Pistol (17 rounds)
>Sky strike

Spear HP:55/ MP:72
Morale: 100
>Gun (42 rounds)
>Combust -10MP
>Condense -15MP

Nadine HP:40
Morale: 100

Potion 2X Heals 20HP
Smoke bomb 3x Decreases enemy chance to hit for 1 turn.

Morale: 85

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