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Done by my hyperlead.
Based on one of the scenes in my favorite FanFic. Snack-Sized Sweetie http://www.fimfiction.net/story/177487/snack-sized-sweetie written by Autismo555
Well I bet your wondering what happens to poor Sweetie Belle after all of this well you’ll just have to read Snack-Sized Sweetie To find out. The inside of the stomach roared like thunder, nearly blowing out Sweetie Belle’s little eardrums. The acids began to bubble up dissolving the apple and all the food around her. Without a second’s thought, Sweetie Belle ignited her horn. “I’m… I’m alive. WOOO-HOOO!!” yelled Sweetie belle, jumping up in the air with a bright smile. Suddenly, Sweetie Belle’s prayer came to light. A shadow of Big Macintosh’s flank lowered itself onto the filly. She looked on deadpanned at the sky as the red hindquarters turned her view into red.
safe (1427838)artist:shrunken-littlebro12 (15)big macintosh (25212)sweetie belle (43792)earth pony (147891)pony (695323)3d (51324)absurd resolution (61307)accident (952)bigger macintosh (135)butt crush (198)comic (89397)female (758946)fetish (29562)filly (50433)giant pony (3464)gmod (6471)inside stomach (66)macro (9100)male (257610)micro (7578)plot (64867)stallion (72862)stuck (1912)teleportation (499)tiny ponies (1094)unaware vore (61)vore (12130)wat (17561)


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