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Wanted to do a few more and scoured the comments and such for ideas.

Now this time it is it. No more :D
safe1704737 artist:badumsquish1964 derpibooru exclusive28362 oc683622 oc only448125 oc:ginger-bread10 original species25117 toaster pony22 coils1136 draw me like one of your french girls1314 female1361479 freckles28812 ginger85 hair bun3339 heart48312 looking at you168246 looking back57337 on side6703 pun7527 red hair909 slots20 smiling247786 solo1062909 toaster301 valentine1399 valentine's day3587 valentine's day card402


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Has anybody ever meta-cognitively recognised a self-destructive urge? Like, feeling the need to do something, but then going "No, that would remove me from the gene pool."
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@Professor Spectrum Cogs
Pretty sure you could just go to your local herb/magic potion specialist and have them mix/magick something up to solve the issue

"Add a few drops of this on the tub, and no more electric shock!" :p

Heck, you can probably choose from a couple dozen aromas for the potion, too!