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Limestone is my favorite pie sister, ties with Maud, but Limestone doesn’t get enough love, so I gave her some with my own special flair. I like Flurry Heart as a rebellious emo teen, and I thought Limestone would fit that look good too, so, boom, whipped this up.
Also it’s a pain to wear wristbands over a hoodie, but I manage…
safe1863321 artist:lightningbolt997 derpibooru exclusive31610 limestone pie5398 earth pony314035 pony1207770 .svg available9089 angry30236 armband947 boots25938 bracelet11478 choker15233 clandestine industries136 clothes519456 dyed mane405 ear piercing31863 earring24807 emo939 eyeliner1186 eyeshadow19329 female1502755 fishnets6135 frnkiero andthe cellabration5 frown26024 glare8497 green day83 heart54940 hoodie16528 jewelry80242 lip piercing1371 makeup26877 mare558049 my chemical romance206 nose piercing3108 panic! at the disco100 piercing48479 punk2512 safety pin194 shirt29185 shoes44524 simple background456546 snake bites281 socks75226 solo1184348 spiked choker2036 spiked wristband1508 svg4057 transparent background230259 undershirt473 vector81290 wristband4144 zipper915


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Badge Dragon
Super happy party girl Pinkie on one side, rebellious emo teen Limestone on the other.  
Igneous and Cloudy must be watching Maud and Marble like hawks now.