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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

If this was put on a romantic love card for a MILF, this following caption would be added:

May I be your daddy within your bedroom AND your family photo album??

Happy Heart's and Hooves Day!!


Zephyr Breeze Design: >>1214891

Button Mash Design: >>894296

Button's Mom (Elaina) Design: >>833941

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safe1722858 artist:meiyeezhu347 button mash4081 zephyr breeze2391 oc694856 oc:cream heart2371 human156260 angry27544 anime5592 backfire59 beanie3711 big breasts83386 blushing200250 breasts281470 broken glass246 broken window142 busty cream heart632 button's mom has got it going on30 child1982 clothes465569 comic109903 crocs37 crying44015 damaged114 dark skin4653 exclamation point3860 female1377655 five o'clock shadow61 hat88061 heart49012 hearts and hooves day2161 high heels11421 hoodie14385 house2306 humanized100701 in love261 interrobang972 karma243 literal butthurt358 male378507 man bun56 microsoft289 old master q507 pain2018 parody15691 pleated skirt4067 ponyville5933 punishment886 question mark4604 shocked7081 shoes37428 shorts14191 skirt40251 smiling253134 spanking2746 surprised9388 sweater14669 traditional art118629 unexpected137 upset1231 valentine's day3591 wifebeater35 window8656


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