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I have nothing to say except this is the PNG!
safe1675529 artist:devinian42 bon bon16175 button mash3985 carrot top5409 derpy hooves49656 dinky hooves4345 golden harvest5409 gummy5019 lyra heartstrings29179 minuette5750 pinkie pie213255 sweetie drops16174 tag-a-long226 earth pony237443 pony938324 unicorn310816 absurd resolution65438 background pony10137 balloon10034 building2411 cart1335 confetti1865 cute195209 eyes closed89983 fence2786 flower shop39 fruit1020 happy30369 hat84340 open mouth139990 ponyville5668 raised hoof44167 raised leg7508 rearing5561 scenery7861 scenery porn820 smiling240176 sugarcube corner2225 walking4630 waving2860


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The original image is a JPG file though. Unless you're Devinian, this is an edited version of the image.