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“Welcome to Corneria!”
Q&A Below!-Psker
Anons got to ask FicFic questions about the cyoa. Here are some of them:
Link to Q&A 1:>>1080694 
Link to Q&A 2:>>1123800 
Link to Q&A 3:>>1127049 
Link to Q&A 4:>>1130017 
Link to Q&A 5:>>1140639 
Link to Q&A 6:>>1165185 
Link to Q&A 7:>>1192982 
Link to Q&A 8:>>1242990 
Link to Q&A 9:>>1268711
——Q&A 10——
FicFic: how about some Q&A?
Anon: Oh heck yes. So why you are you letting us play as Ruby?
FicFic: Because you guys wanted it?
Anon: Well Thanks we like the opportunity to do so.
Anon: You draw any inspiration for Joy from Sans or The Happy Mask Salesman? She reminds me of them hard, would love you long time if you drew the three of them having a get-together for Christmas like they’re cousins or some such.
FicFic: Honestly? A combination of Sans and, Rick and Morty’s, Rick.
Anon: Will any of our actions have effects on present Ruby?
FicFic: Why wouldn’t it? You can’t do any sort of time paradox obviously.
Anon: Do they have magical food and or drinks there? Like the way that elfen bread in LOTR took a small bite to feed a full grown man for a full day.
FicFic: Err… I suppose those do exist yeah. Not sure how you segued into that though.
Anon: I unno, I wanted to know if such a thing existed mainly cause when Emerald get’s separated from the group, it’d be good if thirst and hunger was something he was amply prepared to deal with.
Anon: So tell us about the guest artist. A friend of yours? Also tell us more about Vee. Will she still be around a little longer before she has to leave?
FicFic: Pumpkin is the artist of AFA, and Vee is her friend. We decided on the crossover a long time ago. I don’t remember how we decide on it.
Anon: Congrats on 50 threads. Pretty impressive how far the cyoa has gone. Have you been surprised as well?
FicFic: Yeah, didn’t think i’d do it for this long.
Anon: Still enjoying yourself doing this right?
FicFic: Yuppers.
Anon: How diffrent could things had turned out in the slaver arc? If we had gone back down stairs to ask Joyride for some clients would we have ended up a prisoner along with her? Also during the fight with the slaver what would’ve happened if we had gone after Jesen instead?
FicFic: It was possible to game over, and yes, it was possible to get Dejen.
Anon: Care to hint what the game over was?
FicFic: Nope.
Anon: Is Vee gonna crop up again, or is it gonna just be a one time thing?
FicFic: Vee might pop up again, but it’s rather unlikely. AFA takes place pretty far from CQ.
Anon: Was it possible for Joy or the other slaves or even our companions to have gotten gassed by the lethal one that the slavers were talking about?
FicFic: Possible, but unlikely.
Anon: Is there a connection with the gems? Emerald’s red one and Ruby’s sapphire one?
FicFic: No comment.
Anon: Would it be possible to visit Vanhoover sometime?
FicFic: If that’s what a consensus wants.
Anon: What’s some things that surprised or impressed you recently by player actions/choices recently. If any.
FicFic: Hrm… I suppose how much you guys actually liked Vee.
Anon: So does the fact that Emeralds amulet was off and hidden away in his toybox mean that he can will it to stay off if he wants?
FicFic: No, it just wasn’t far away enough that it would reappear near him.
Anon: Does Emerald have any immediate family? Like an Uncle or Aunt?
FicFic: Not that he knows of.
Anon: Maybe i’m just making a bunch of assumptions then and he wasn’t hiding it for more than a little while, but wouldn’t he, at some point moved far enough away in the castle/mansion,(whatever the hell he lived in) if he had it hid for a while?
I dunno, he made it sound like he was hiding it for quite a while with the way he mentioned that his step parents kept trying to take it from him and he hid it in the broken toy so they would stop trying to take it from him. Which to me suggests he can will it to stay off, if he so chooses. Cause if he couldn’t… It would of just kept appearing on him despite the fact he was trying to hide it. So he can will it off if it’s a shorter distance away from him, but it’ll appear on it’s own, even if he doesn’t conciously want/will it back himself, if it gets a certain distance away? Cause that’s what i’m getting out of this.
I just want to understand how the amulet works a bit better.
FicFic: I dunno. Why don’t you have Emerald try it?
Anon: Back during the anniversary I really enjoyed the day or two where you took art requests. That was a lot of fun. Do you think you could do another like that sometime before the next anniversary?
FicFic: maybe.
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