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more stupid headcanons from me, on an explanation of what i made up to be sweetie's possible future/futures

first possible future for her is that she gets discovered by a talent scout and picked up by one of the best talent agents manehatten has to offer. she becomes a big hit, part time broadway actress full time popstar. her relationships with the cmc, button mash and the rest of her friends get rocky as she forced to choose between her friends and fame. she of course chooses fame, and lives happily in the lap of luxury.

the second furture for her is almost the same as the first, except for that she chooses her friends over fame. she goes down a couple notches in the celebrity food chain, but is still a beloved broadway actress and even teaches young fillies how to sing and dance at one of the most expensive art studios. she may look like a plain fat housewhale-wife but we all know doing laundry and cooking is the exact opposite of her special talent

either way, enjoy some of the typical design used for an older!sweetiebelle and the beloved sweetiewhale


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