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Artist’s Description
Name: Cocoa Nutt (Maiden name: Cocoa Bean) 
Gender: Female 
Species: Saddle Arabian horse 
Status: Married to Peter Nutt 
Relatives: Coffee Bean (Father), Robusta (Mother), Walter Nutt (Son), Hazel Nutt (Daughter), Macadamia Nutt (Daughter) 
Special talent/Occupation: Life guard, makes custom jewelry
Name: Peter Nutt 
Nickname: Peanut, Petey, 
Gender: Male 
Species: Earth Pony 
Status: Married to Cocoa Nutt 
Relatives: Walter Nutt (Son), Hazel Nutt (Daughter), Macadamia Nutt (Daughter) 
Special talent/Occupation: Artist, Runs an art gallery called “The Peanut Gallery”, Teach art classes,
Backstory: Peanut and Cocoa were childhood friends with Kiwi Breeze. Three best friends, tight as anyone could be. They use to get in all types of trouble, like hassling poor Mr Lining. All the while still on their diligent hunt for their cutie marks! Kiwi and Cocoa are BFF5eva and were practically inseparable as youngsters! They knew all of each others secrets and spent were always teaming up on poor Peanut. They use to call him Dweeb and Nerd, but if anyone else did, Cocoa and Kiwi would be there to defend him.
Little has change when they got older and started having foals. Peanut and Cocoa grew closer, started dating and eventually got married. Cocoa and Kiwi wanted their children to grow up together and be close, hence why Bubble is only a month older then Wally. When Cocoa got pregnant with her second foal, Hazel Nutt, Kiwi wanted to do the same, but after Bubble’s accident, she couldn’t bring herself to have anymore children. Years later, Cocoa and Peanut accidentally get pregnant with their third child, Macadamia Nutt.
Having a full house, money has always been tight, but they manage.
safe1920571 artist:askbubblelee1614 oc810525 oc only598330 oc:cocoa nutt17 oc:peter nutt6 earth pony339093 pony1267955 saddle arabian749 coat markings8276 couple6559 cute228530 duo100800 facial markings3621 female1555646 glasses74652 height difference965 husband and wife1862 looking at each other26213 male442176 mare588789 married couple1358 oc x oc19391 shipping224826 simple background481072 smiling315760 socks (coat markings)4828 stallion141385 star (coat marking)407 straight155207 white background123726


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