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The staff and guards thought it’d be hilarious. The court disagreed. The fallout of this joke ensured that all future jokes with Mr. Ed required approval from Celestia or Luna.

The fallout was mostly just the indignant supplicants, noble and otherwise, writing very sternly worded letters to the princesses, but it was still an embarrassing headache and required an apology to the court. It also required a stern talking-to directed at the guilty party.
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(…) Luna could pretend to break up with Twi (…)

I was kinda hoping nobody would bring this up, TBH. :/ While I do enjoy Silfoe's style, I just don't like same-sex ships (no matter the characters), and filter out the art touching that particular subject.
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Oh definitely. She could've been more careful about who had access to Ed and who not to trust with independent shenanigans. Lesson learned (probably re-learned) the hard way.
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Kinda feel Tia is partly to blame for it too, since she started the whole shenanigan. Should've made it clear from the start that they had to be careful with it.
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i legits would watch this
not my little pony but
My Real-@$$ Horse Wizard.

My Real-@$$ Horse Wizard would be a good name for a TV show or movie series. I'd expect it to be a serious story about a horse that is also a wizard.
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Another point which just occurred to me: sitting like that, wouldn't anyone in the court be able to easily determine at a glance that he wasn't a princess? Think about it.
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It breaks the usual pattern of presenting him to a small audience in a controlled environment, where others in the know can provide plausible reinforcement. This is just blatantly false, and spreads knowledge of his existence way too broadly, ruining the joke for the entire crowd, and possibly the rest of Equestria in the worst case.

I'd certainly be upset if an underling did this.