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Forest of Sin
@Cirrus Light
I think she said herself that she has trouble showing her emotions, and two times that I remembered were from her first episode, worry for Pinkie after she was almost crushed, and joy see her happy by the end.
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Sciencepone of Science!
The most expression you'll probably ever see out of her.

Unless you like, literally shock her to fire off nerves or something. But I find it unlikely she'd be cool with that.

Though once at some church activity someone set up a shocky thing and people had contests to see who could hold on the longest before the electrical surges would pull them off. It was a weird feeling. Didn't exactly mess with expression, though.

But theoretically she'd pull faces if she bit on it maybe?

That makes me wonder if she can voluntarily make faces at all. Like, if you got out a bag of bits and said; "you get this whole bag if you make a silly face", could she pull it off if she wanted to?

Is it that she can't control her face and tone of voice or just doesn't? Would she want to if she could? How does she feel about it?