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Twi looks unamused as she locks Rainbow in her cell
safe1728574 artist:teaandsheep9 rainbow dash236328 twilight sparkle303305 alicorn228789 pony988777 bars136 bound wings3595 cell211 chains5030 clothes467745 commission70779 cuffs4540 jail436 key694 levitation12327 magic74357 prison843 prison outfit1087 prisoner727 prisoner rd421 rainbow dash is not amused644 shackles1851 telekinesis28244 twilight is not amused1506 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124990 unamused16510


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Inmate Jumpsuit Enabler
Tiny ass cells though. I guess there's not much point when you can use them as a sleeping quarters only. Spend the rest of the time out on a chain gang and only get returned for sleep.