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"The funny thing about this meme sweater is that Tonbo has always worn backless/halter-neck tops yet somehow this crosses a line??"
safe1709297 artist:moronsonofboron653 oc686376 oc only449743 oc:tonbo38 pegasus292876 pony970412 satyr4902 backless666 clothes460630 colored pupils9725 offscreen character34275 open mouth146423 open-back sweater508 parent:flitter109 simple background394438 sleeveless sweater559 smiling249312 solo1066160 spread wings54845 sweater14535 virgin killer sweater503 white background98182


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There is always Zecora's kid, Asha. And Darcy, and maybe Snapshot if you headcanon him being slightly asian like Tonbo seems to be.

I wonder how a black Pogo would look like…
Background Pony #C72A
You ARE Anon, you dingus. It's a self-insert thing, so of course a lot of people likes Anon. Or would you prefer to see a guy whose face you hate being your favourite satyr's father?
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Wait, these things have two parents? I thought that their pony parent mated with an anon and was given these guys as a result.