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(hugs Smol!Rarity)It's okay. You can still make dresses and other outfits with me if ya want.

@Officer Hot-Pants

Oh. So it's just pinball….but with Sonic splashed over it…huh. I don't see how that improves it in anyway, considering it's still just pinball. But if you are a Sonic fan (which I am most definitely am NOT) then I guess it would be something to enjoy.
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Oh god. I played so much Spinball. I don't think I ever made it past level three, though. I would play My Little Rariball until my fingers bled. Even if it was just a reskin. Especially if it was just a reskin.

It was the most unlikely success I've ever seen in gaming. Somebody said "we should turn Sonic into a pinball game" and it actually worked. Probably because it was basically an entire game made of the pinball sections of the Casino Night zone, come to think of it.