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Tumblr anon asked for the gays so I delivered the gays
safe1863172 artist:evehly810 fluttershy227827 king sombra14979 pegasus356921 pony1207623 unicorn394635 :t4067 adorascotch128 armor25961 belly fluff322 blushing222048 boop8100 butterscotch1932 colored wings8326 colored wingtips1809 crack shipping3841 curved horn8063 cute220560 ear fluff37309 embarrassed12638 fluffy15763 frown26021 gay30922 gradient background15422 half r63 shipping2279 large wings1853 leg fluff3581 looking away4276 looking back67214 male423376 nose wrinkle3308 noseboop3154 raised hoof54534 rule 6329055 rule63betes678 shipping218471 shoulder fluff2315 shyabetes15765 simple background456495 smiling297586 sombradorable342 sombrascotch2 sombrashy383 spread wings65572 stallion132882 white background115606 wing fluff1839 wings149234


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Background Pony #F097
Yeah definitely no sideburns, but that black streak down his face to nose is there I see! I learn something every day! Love it!
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Don’t even try to fight it, Sombra. Part of the reason everybody’s gay for Braeburn is as a reflexive coping mechanism attempting to reconcile their being *super-*gay for Butterscotch. True story.
Background Pony #F097
I can’t see it at all in that blurr. I see a black line UNDER his ear, which I think is a very awkward place to grow hair (probably a cartoon glitch) but I don’t see any black where a sideburn would be at his ear. I really need an HD quality Gif video because these are so blurry, people are using their imaginations in two different views.
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Badge Dragon
@Background Pony #BAAD  
While what we usually see is part of his crown, after it flies off you can see his sideburns here:  
He also has hair under the top part of his crown. Ironically, you can see it better in this one:  
Background Pony #F097
@I Was Never Here  
Truth told, in the show those aren’t actually sideburns, it’s part of his crown. You see it fly off when he gets hit my Celestia and Luna’s spell. Seen it in a picture way back when. So much small details on the show!
I Was Never Here
Non-Fungible Trixie -

So, like, at some point Sombra’s sideburn things kind of just fade into his fur on his head, right?
Does it make the top of his head and the top of his snooter, like, extra soft and fluffy?
Maybe that’s why the bottom of his horn is black. Maybe they just turn into velvet and it sort of goes up his horn a bit as well. That would be kind of awesome.