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Alien infection: the Alicorn

The parasite that infected Fluttershy waited until it was dark and everyone was asleep, some of twilight's friends went to a night party, so this is the perfect time to make her one of them.
It was amazed by the sight of the castle, it thought it would be the perfect place for her to mate with the others.
So the parasite carefully opened the front door, and went inside.

The castle was big but not too big to where it couldn't find the alicorn's bedroom.
When she found the room, she carefully opened the door and peaked inside.
And yes… there future queen was there, laying uncovered on the bed and ready to be infected…

The infected body slowly but carefully climbed onto the bed and stood on all fours on top of the victim…

Converted Fluttershy: "hehe… my you are just so perfect… ;)"

Fluttershy got close enough to her face and then opened her mouth to let the long parasite slug out of her mouth.
This parasite is only for those who are going to be loyal to a hive… and twilight was the one…

Since the victim was asleep, the parasite was easily able to get inside of her, making her gulp as it went down.
Twilight's body spasmed as it moved through her body and then stopped when the parasite entered her head, making a long narrow bump along the backside of her head and neck.

Twilight's body gasped for air before fainting… and letting the parasite control her…

Alien Queen twilight: :o "oh my… exmines body, messing with boobs, wings, horn, and magic.. this body is amazing ;3 you did a good job finding this body servant"
Converted Fluttershy:"your welcome mistress"

Just then the front door opened and twilight's friends came back from the party.
RD: "Oh yeah that party was awesome! >:D vinyl really did good on that bass."
Rarity: "indeed darling.. yawn ooh dear celestia I'm tired =.=.."
AJ: "ya me to', hows 'bout we rest in for te' night?"
RD: "sounds like a plan :)"

Alien Queen twilight: "well, haha, I think we might have our selves a party of our own too, wouldn't you think so? >;)"
Converted Fluttershy: "yes my queen >:)"
suggestive139655 artist:takengrin endmmar148 derpibooru exclusive27699 fluttershy209719 twilight sparkle296877 alicorn218967 goo1416 anthro253956 unguligrade anthro47052 alien infection10 ass47895 bed39937 bedroom9999 bikini17650 blushing192831 breasts270029 clothes449358 female1337514 gloves19458 gulp243 heart47167 hidden wings87 infection27 mind control3264 muffled moaning715 night25657 parasite254 pillow17463 pinned523 pinned down259 possessed1713 possession480 sleeping23071 socks64767 stockings31824 story included8797 swimsuit27550 thigh highs35020 traditional art116019 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122204


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so… I like it… But the writing really could be better. There are a lot of flaws, you could really use some more… explanation… detaliation… it really misses more of that.