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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
(Visit from the Moon Fairy)  
full It doesn’t matter how much royalty you have or what special day it is!  
full If you break into someone’s home without a monarchy’s warrant, you WILL be sued to Equestrian court!!  
full full full Other than that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYPONY!!! full full full
except for corporatists and bribed politicians
Princess Luna in Cheongsam: >>1098656
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suggestive159873 artist:meiyeezhu332 princess luna105046 oc777825 oc:sammy texas2 alicorn253613 human180329 91117 alicorn humanization330 anime6172 arrested221 badge1577 basket3491 belly button88831 belly piercing1633 bellyring1556 belt6895 breasts315561 busty princess luna7888 canterlot6152 carpet1123 cheongsam493 chinese new year453 clothes519046 cloud34799 coffee cup406 comic117695 cup7112 daisy dukes1531 dark4817 door4429 female1501779 flying nimbus14 front knot midriff1484 handcuffed443 hat99538 high heels13193 horned humanization7228 humanized105700 living room337 lunar new year88 mascara698 midriff20657 moon26022 necktie8283 night30044 old master q505 panic1003 parody16207 phone8359 phone call80 piercing48425 pigtails5270 portal2081 purse686 reference4335 rug746 scared11670 shelf587 shelves81 sheriff169 sheriff hat2 shorts15912 sky16830 socks75170 sparkles5542 sparkling187 stars18212 stockings38201 sunglasses16825 surprised10400 sweat30466 tailed humanization3158 thigh highs43267 traditional art125757 twintails1901 water bottle573 winged humanization9184 wings149027


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Son of the Young Master
I rather keep my characters in the modern era (if the situation calls for a travel back in time, I dress them up in feudal Japanese garb or Medieval European clothing)