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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
(Visit from the Moon Fairy)  
full It doesn’t matter how much royalty you have or what special day it is!  
full If you break into someone’s home without a monarchy’s warrant, you WILL be sued to Equestrian court!!  
full full full Other than that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYPONY!!! full full full
except for corporatists and bribed politicians
Princess Luna in Cheongsam: >>1098656
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suggestive190505 artist:meiyeezhu341 princess luna117075 oc946271 oc:sammy texas2 alicorn313597 human244893 g42026791 91117 alicorn humanization425 anime7561 arrested254 badge2123 basket4440 belly button110378 belly piercing2092 bellyring1630 belt9352 breasts390310 busty princess luna9809 canterlot7145 carpet1566 cheongsam576 chinese new year570 clothes633337 cloud43136 coffee cup595 comic135244 cup9034 daisy dukes1763 dark5507 door5532 female1800015 front knot midriff1728 handcuffed511 hat124004 high heels17147 horn189257 horned humanization8050 humanized119387 kinto'un20 living room540 lunar new year182 mascara963 midriff24311 moon31359 necktie11261 night37755 old master q506 panic1219 parody17462 phone12432 phone call135 piercing63831 pigtails6630 portal2586 purse897 reference5492 rug958 scared14259 shelf851 shelves123 sheriff291 sheriff hat2 shorts19560 sky23074 socks95297 sparkles9072 sparkling239 stars23349 stockings48381 sunglasses21032 surprised12777 sweat40466 tailed humanization3428 thigh highs59334 traditional art142961 twintails2339 water bottle792 winged humanization10103 wings222316


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Son of the Young Master
I rather keep my characters in the modern era (if the situation calls for a travel back in time, I dress them up in feudal Japanese garb or Medieval European clothing)