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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
(Visit from the Moon Fairy)  
full It doesn’t matter how much royalty you have or what special day it is!  
full If you break into someone’s home without a monarchy’s warrant, you WILL be sued to Equestrian court!!  
full full full Other than that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYPONY!!! full full full
except for corporatists and bribed politicians
Princess Luna in Cheongsam: >>1098656
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suggestive175377 artist:meiyeezhu332 princess luna110044 oc849138 oc:sammy texas2 alicorn278894 human209097 91116 alicorn humanization378 anime6887 arrested230 badge1752 basket3871 belly button97496 belly piercing1840 bellyring1588 belt7893 breasts349617 busty princess luna8723 canterlot6551 carpet1297 cheongsam517 chinese new year516 clothes568283 cloud38394 coffee cup459 comic125416 cup7895 daisy dukes1627 dark5062 door4882 female1625224 front knot midriff1586 handcuffed471 hat110487 high heels14787 horned humanization7573 humanized111577 kinto'un17 living room392 lunar new year158 mascara780 midriff22095 moon28343 necktie9304 night33383 old master q504 panic1090 parody16727 phone10337 phone call101 piercing54683 pigtails5768 portal2260 purse776 reference4816 rug832 scared12793 shelf669 shelves88 sheriff230 sheriff hat2 shorts17500 sky19520 socks83321 sparkles6748 sparkling219 stars20253 stockings42772 sunglasses18688 surprised11459 sweat34363 tailed humanization3283 thigh highs49991 traditional art132409 twintails2033 water bottle652 winged humanization9598 wings180260


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Son of the Young Master
I rather keep my characters in the modern era (if the situation calls for a travel back in time, I dress them up in feudal Japanese garb or Medieval European clothing)