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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
(Visit from the Moon Fairy)  
full It doesn’t matter how much royalty you have or what special day it is!  
full If you break into someone’s home without a monarchy’s warrant, you WILL be sued to Equestrian court!!  
full full full Other than that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYPONY!!! full full full
except for corporatists and bribed politicians
Princess Luna in Cheongsam: >>1098656
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suggestive148682 artist:meiyeezhu332 princess luna100941 oc714082 oc:sammy texas2 alicorn233664 human159358 91117 alicorn humanization287 anime5698 arrested210 badge1355 basket3226 belly button81623 bellyring1475 belt5894 breasts289626 busty princess luna7261 canterlot5877 carpet1014 cheongsam460 chinese new year409 clothes477477 cloud32222 coffee cup344 comic111689 cup6518 daisy dukes1431 dark4640 door4084 female1406226 flying nimbus14 front knot midriff1412 handcuffed405 hat90725 high heels11834 horned humanization6907 humanized102093 living room274 lunar new year50 mascara660 midriff19888 moon24184 necktie7618 night27482 old master q502 panic931 parody15799 phone6826 phone call66 piercing43299 pigtails4956 portal1941 purse620 reference3976 rug672 scared10798 shelf526 shelves60 sheriff115 sheriff hat2 shorts14585 sky15056 socks68746 sparkles4833 sparkling165 stars16374 stockings34331 sunglasses15130 surprised9644 sweat27775 tailed humanization3062 thigh highs38317 traditional art120616 twintails1761 water bottle522 winged humanization8857 wings124009


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I rather keep my characters in the modern era (if the situation calls for a travel back in time, I dress them up in feudal Japanese garb or Medieval European clothing)