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_Parcly's genie reference images: Canterlot, Saddle Arabia front, Saddle Arabia back

Parcly Taxel: The second new picture that will be included in my reference sheet is my Saddle Arabian form. After geniefying myself, the Saddle Arabian genies enchanted my bottle to transform my wings while in their land into a full set of jewellery and a waistband as a way of saying thanks.

The additional pieces of jewellery are platinum like my horn ring, and a sapphire is set into my necklace. My genie mist also thins out and becomes translucent due to the desert heat; the waistband holds my upper body together. SVG here.
safe1726816 artist:parclytaxel1362 oc697532 oc only455983 oc:parcly taxel445 genie1620 genie pony400 ain't never had friends like us311 albumin flask268 .svg available8400 absurd resolution66513 armband870 bottle4168 bracelet9673 ear piercing27029 earring21628 gem6090 hooves in air240 horn ring5691 jewelry65676 looking at you172070 magic74264 necklace19371 piercing42117 platinum11 saddle arabia108 sand2403 sapphire131 shantae300 simple background400977 smiling254241 solo1077939 transparent background205423 vector77305 waistband135 wingless4450


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