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I had to upload this as a PNG instead of an SVG like I prefer because of all the fonts I used. I'll put an SVG somewhere too eventually tho.

Anyway, I really adore the idea of a teenage Flurry Heart being a rebellious teen and the opposite of what you'd expect a girly pink princess pony to be and enjoy, and since there is similar art out there already, I figured I'd put my own spin on things and make her up like I would enjoy, so she's covered with references and details. The X on her flank is a fake CM that she painted on rather crudely, lest you think I gave her a simple X for a CM.

Nekkid Version
safe1709741 artist:lightningbolt897 derpibooru exclusive28439 princess flurry heart7282 alicorn225094 pony970783 .svg available8324 annoyed5479 boots22091 bow28748 bracelet9459 button890 chains4946 choker12093 clandestine industries120 clothes460773 cobra starship51 ear piercing26448 earring21241 edgy1585 emo808 eyeshadow15666 fake cutie mark506 fall out boy103 female1366083 fingerless gloves4674 frown22954 glare8238 gloves20147 grumpy2534 hair over one eye9047 horn piercing187 indifferent73 it's a phase44 jewelry64022 lip piercing1153 looking at you169197 makeup21549 my chemical romance166 necklace18857 nose piercing2709 older26817 ow the edge200 paint on fur429 painted horn6 panic! at the disco98 piercing41319 princess emo heart103 punk2246 rebellious teen16 reference3842 ribbon7092 safety pin190 shirt25013 shoes36861 simple background394570 socks66502 solo1066435 spiked choker1606 spiked wristband1254 spread wings54864 striped socks21445 svg3632 tail bow5600 teenage flurry heart78 teenager4640 transparent background202834 vector76992 wall of tags3104 wing piercing258 wristband3635 zipper775


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Young Leosword
I don't about y'all, but my "It's not a phase" phase had me into early '00s rap— Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Usher, before getting into classic rock, like everypony else here (who's white, lol.)
Background Pony #242E
Flurry, honey, if you're going to be pretend to be a rebel, at least listen to better bands.

Oh, and please do the nekkid version. For reasons.